LCD (6) 1350x900

/Totems allow the users to do essential labors like information research, give feedback, product or service consumed, or even more. They are versatile for their objectives, so in Hexentic, we can provide to our customers these structures, personalized and with big quality apps for their needs.


/Our totems may have incorporated any of our services:

  • Custom Made Apps
  • Advergames
  • Interactive Experiences
  • VideoGames Rental For Events
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/Our totems are Hexaden Ready. You need a subscription plan of Hexaden in any of their categories, and we deliver the totem fully set.

Totem rental service is only available in Chilean Territory

Projects In This Category

Recipes App for Super Cerdo

Totem Experiences

Support Chilean Soccer National Team in America Cup 2019

Totem Experiences

Photobooth for La Cremeria (Dec 2018)

Totem Experiences

Data Capture Form in Santa Emiliana Vineyard

TAM Trivia Development for BCI Bank

Totem Experiences

Multiplayer Trivia for Transbank Asinch 2017 Event

Totem Experiences

Constanera + Initiative (2017)

Costanera Lolla 2018

Totem Experiences

Shout: "GOAL!" Adidas Experience

Totem Experiences

Slowmotion Player for Samsung S9 Chile Launch Day Event

Xiaomi Retail Mode

Reebok Challenge

Black Day Alto Las Condes

Totem Experiences

YaSon Five Costanera Center

Totem Experiences

Black Friday Costanera Center

Totem Experiences

Kinect Cristal Grill

Ball Domination Adidas

Swim with Savory

Trident Ninja Game (Hack'n Slash)